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  • 2014 BVIT National Championships

    The 7th Australian Blind Tenpin Bowling Championships were held at Zone Bowl, Rooty Hill Sydney from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th March 2014.

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    Wrap up

    Well, there it is.  The 2014 BVIT national championships.  Twelve months in the planning, done and dusted in 4 days. Unfortunately the party is now over and it's time to wander back to the real world! I imagine the RSL club will see a decline in it's profits next week.

    And what an amazing and diverse bunch you all are!  BVIT has more characters per square lane than any other similar portion of the population, and you all rose to the occasion and bowled really well.

    It was especially gratifying to see just how well the new members bowled. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you again at the next comp.

    We all owe a huge debt of gratitude, first to all the great people in our group who are always there for us, no matter how difficult and grumpy we sometimes are.

    Then there are the people who get caught up along the way:  The staff at AMF Rooty Hill, Rooty Hill RSL Club, and the Novatel people who were always helpful and considerate.

    I personally had a great time.  I really enjoyed the whole experience despite some mediocre scores, but catching up with all of you again was the highlight of the week.

    My very sudden return to reality occurred on the way home at the railway station when the handle on my bag broke in spectacular fashion.  And nary a single offer of assistance!  Wake up Toto. We must be in Sydney !!

    Until next time, look after yourselves and enjoy your bowling.

    Glen Barwick

    Presentation Dinner

    The Presentation dinner was held on Thursday night at Rooty Hill RSL Club. Tournament Director Louise Eady donned the MC hat and did a great job of running through the various awards.

    I can see a new career for Louise as a stand-up comic in the near future !!

    Day 5 — Thursday 20th March

    Fourth day of competition — Trios, 4 consecutive games.

    Last day of competition which turned out to be a hard day at the office. Sticky approaches and unforgiving lane conditions made for some interesting scores. Just what you would expect at a national event !!

    The big finish on Lane 4 was accidentally captured on video and might just find its way on to FaceBook. Do they have that in WA??

    A big Thank You must go to Lisa and all the staff at AMF Rooty Hill for the way they supported the 2014 National championships.

    A final lunch for most of us today at the Rooty Hill RSL Cafe. A big Thank You from BVIT to all the staff there who were always helpful and considerate.

    Most are having a quite afternoon getting ready for the Presentation dinner tonight when we find out just who did what!

    I am still looking into the tip-off I received a short time ago about one of the WA squad members loosing a shoe on yesterday's shopping excursion. We do have dress codes to maintain over here in the East, you know.

    Day 4 — Wednesday 19th March

    Third day of competition — Doubles, 6 consecutive games.

    Getting to the pointy end of the champs today; there were a few tired little Vegemites this morning with much heavier change purses.

    Some very good scores were bowled again today. Maybe we should all adopt the 'pink' colour scheme. Seems to work quite well for a certain WA bowler!

    In a surprise move this afternoon, the WA bowlers went shopping. Since it's been 24 hours since their last assault on the retail sector, this is quite understandable. "Hello. Is that Qantas excess baggage?"

    Group photos tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Bring your cameras and happy faces.

    Day 3 — Tuesday 18th March

    Second day of competition — Teams, 4 consecutive games.

    Some great bowling again today. Looks like most bowlers have now sorted out the lanes. There were some great scores from several of our new bowlers too, which is lovely to see. Thanks to Lisa from AMF for coming to our rescue with cooffeeee !!

    After a quick pizza for lunch, it was off to the AGM. The BVIT Committee welcomes Matthew Spencer as the WA representative. Further details will be available in the next Newsletter, due early April.

    Activities this afternoon include going to the movies, and (even more) shopping. We might need to advise Qantas in advance about the excess baggage carried by a certain group returning to the wild west.

    President Russell isn't getting enough bowling this week so he's having a roll tonight in the local league. Good luck, but don't forget doubles bright and early tomorrow morning.

    The BVIT night owls were last seen terrorising the RSL club. They were allegedly being supervised by Marilyn and Eileen. Now there's a concept! Don't wait up folks.

    Day 2 — Monday 17th March

    First day of competition — Singles, 6 consecutive games.

    Following a warm welcome from Lisa Gioulis, Manager of AMF Rooty Hill, the Championships were opened by Dr. Patricia Downie OAM, President, Blind Sports Association of NSW.

    The centres coffee machine was AWOL for the early starters, but was thankfully back on duty by the time the hostilities began. A nice drop too !!

    It was a great day of bowling despite the second game being abandoned half-way through after the scoring computer did what all computers do from time to time. Some faired better than others in the restarted game !!

    We are once again extremely fortunate to have Louise Eady as our Tournament Director. She does know how to make such a complex task of running this championship look so easy. Thanks from all of us !!

    Day 1 — Sunday 16th March

    All arrived safe, but there were plenty of adventures along the way.

    The WA Crowd stopped of at Adelaide. They claim technical problems with the plane, but we think they wanted to go shopping.

    It was a rather wet day in Sydney with the usual traffic problems. Not the sort experienced in the rest of the country, but real hum dingers, even worse than Melbourne if you can imagine that! AND the St. Patrick's day march had half of the CBD closed. I hope the green Guinness was worth it.

    A quick practice late this afternoon. Looks like a very nice centre; more on this after the first day's events.

    Tea and catch-up at the RSL club. Nice to see some old faces and meet some new ones.

    2014 National championship results

    The 2014 Presentation Dinner was held at the Rooty Hill RSL Club. Official guests were Dr Patricia Downie OAM, President BSA of NSW and representatives of AMF Rooty Hill.

    Tournament Director Louise Eady once again did a fantastic job of running through the various categories and announcing the winners.

    At the end of the competition, the following players were selected to represent Australia at the 2015 IBSA World Games in Soel, South Korea:

    Marilyn LUCK
    Justin BETTES
    Donna HOLLAD
    Rhian PATCHING
    Kingsley WILLIAMS

    Main Medals (Incomplete)

    Female High Game - SCRATCH

    Marilyn LUCK — 177

    Male High Game - SCRATCH

    Russell HART — 242

    Female High Game - HANDICAP

    Jess HOLBERY

    Male High Game — HANDICAP

    Justin BETTES

    Female Pins over average - All Events

    Cassie LOVETT — 399 pins over average (20 games)

    Male Pins over average - All Events

    Russell HART — 368 pins over average (20 games)

    Encouragement Awards

    Jess HOLBERY
    Graeme BYRNES

    SINGLES — B1
    Female Marilyn LUCK (838) Joan ANDREWS (1224)
    Male Justin BETTES (830) Graeme BYRNES (1280)

    SINGLES — B2
    Female - GOLD Judy SCHMIDT (763) Kay HANCOCK (1246)
    Female - SILVER Donna HOLLAND (757)  
    Male Russell HART (1180) Glen BARWICK (1183)

    SINGLES — B3
    Female Betty MILL (735) Jess HOLBERY (1315)
    Male - GOLD Rhian PATCHING (1126) Tim MITCHELL (1170)
    Male - SILVER Kingsley WILLIAMS (1056) Ryan UNDERWOOD (1168)

    GOLD Marilyn LUCK Justin BETTES
      Kingsley WILLIAMS Cassie LOVETT
      Russell HART Kay HANCOCK

      Kingsley WILLIAMS Tim MITCHELL
      Russell HART Glen BARWICK
      Betty MILL Maureen HARDCASTLE
      Ryan UNDERWOOD Jenny INGLE

    GOLD Marilyn LUCK Justin BETTES
      Russell HART Donna HOLLAND
      Rhian PATCHDING Jenny INGLE
      Kingsley WILLIAMS Joel SWINDAIL
    SILVER Graeme BYRNES  
      Jess HOLBERY  
      Cassie LOVETT  
      Glen BARWICK  

    B1 Female Marilyn LUCK Joan ANDREWS
    B1 Male Justin BETTES Graeme BYRNES
    B2 Female - GOLD Judy SCHMIDT Kay HANCOCK
    B2 Female - SILVER Donna HOLLAND Maureen HARDCASTLE
    B2 Male Russell HART Glen BARWICK
    B3 Female Betty MILL Cassie LOVETT
    B3 Male - GOLD Kingsley WILLIAMS Tim WILSON