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  • The 2016 BVIT National Championships

    The 8th Australian Blind Tenpin Bowling Championships were held at Aspley Bowl, Brisbane from Monday 14th to Thursday 17th March 2016.

    Tenpin Bowling Australia Accreditation Number: A16/0015

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    Wrap up

    Our week started tragically with Ryan and Gail Underwood not being able to attend after Ryan broke his leg requiring surgery.

    We all missed you both. Get well soon Ryan, and do what your mother tells you !!

    Gail is a fantastic organiser and all-round good person to have on such a trip, but life intervenes as it does and credit should go to all of you who stepped in to take over the multiple tasks normally handled by Gail.

    Competition was tough, but that's what you get at TBA acreddited tournaments where-ever you go, and it's a great way to prepare yourselves for future international events.

    The Chermside accommodation was just what we needed in terms of its location and facilities; thanks for the use of the courtesy bus and your 'can-do' approach to our needs.

    A special thanks goes to Richard Swindail for taking photos all week. He wandered in on Monday for a quick catch up with Joel, and was immediately lumbered with the role of Photographer for the rest of the week. Thank You Richard. You take great photographs !!

    While it may seem a little strange to be taking pics at a low-vision, no-vision event like this, it is important for the world at large to see what can be achieved with just a little bit of perseverance and humour.

    And finally, Congratulation to you all! Despite your various disabilities and inconveniences, you attacked the week with wit and gusto and are all a fine example to the community at large as to what can be achieved if you just 'have a go'!

    After the Committee have caught up on our sleep and our washing, and all those other things we should have been doing while we were working on this event, we'll sit down with the newly elected members and look at what we learned from this event, and where we go to from here.

    These decisions will be based on what we can realistically afford and achieve in the immediate future.

    Safe trip home, and we'll all catch up at the next event, when ever, and where ever that might be.

    Glen Barwick

    Presentation Dinner

    The Presentation dinner was held at the Kedron Wavell Services club which had been the 'watering hole' for most of us this week.

    Credit to the staff there who had no issues what so ever dealing with our wonderful collection of guide dogs, white canes, dazed and confused committee members and a bunch of real characters you wouldn't normally find in the one place at the same time.

    Unfortunately they haven't heard of Coopers beer in this part of the world, but I suppose XXXX is much easier to spell.

    Blind Sports Australia was represented by board member Karen Ryan who presented some awards. Thanks Karen.

    Aspley bowl was represented by Debbie Thomas who ran control for a few sessions. Please pass on our thanks from BVIT to Aspley bowl.

    Louise Eady did her usual job as ring master handing out medals and trophies, and generally keeping the whole thing under control, sans whip.

    Here's a list of trophies and medals awarded on the night. This list is not yet complete.

    B1 Female Marilyn Luck Hazel Hockley
    B1 Male Justin Bettes Graeme Byrnes
    B2 Female Judy Schmidt Maureen Hardcastle
    B2 Male Glen Barwick Joel Swindail
    B3 Female Cassandra Lovett Jessica Lovett
    B3 Male Rhian Patching Tim Wilson

    TEAMS of 4
    Gold Marilyn Luck Joan Andrews
      Glen Barwick Judy Schmidt
      Tim Mitchell Cassie Lovett
      Rhian Patching Jenny Ingle
    Silver Justin Bettes Hazel Hockley
      Joel Swindail Matt Bryant
      David Martin Donna Holland
      Reg Pollard Tim Wilson

    Gold Marilyn Luck Rhian Patching
    Silver Joel Swindail David Martin
    Bronze Tim Wilson Glen Barwick
    Gold Hazel Hockley Betty Mill
    Silver Graeme Byrnes Jenny Ingle
    Bronze Justin Bettes Cassie Lovett

    Gold Marilyn Luck Glen Barwick Rhian Patching
    Silver Justin Bettes David Martin Joel Swindail
    Gold Maureen Hardcastle Donna Holland Betty Mill
    Silver Joan Andrews Judy Schmidt Tim Wilson

    Day 5 — Thursday 17th March

    Fourth day of competition — Trios, 4 consecutive games.

    There are some tired little Vegemites straggling in this morning, but they all got going quite well and some good scores were again bowled.

    Unfortunately the mechanical demons that frequent bowling centers raised their unwelcomed heads this morning causing a few lane reallocations, but Louise Eady and Aspley center staff worked their magic and soon had us back on schedule.

    I am truly in awe of Louise's ability to quietly and quickly deal with this stuff. Fortunately for us, Louise has had a lot of practice at this sort of thing.

    Now if it was left to me to sort out, we'd still be there !!

    Thank you again to Jason Lambert and all the Aspley staff. You made our competition something to remember.

    And we can't forget the fabulous Shiralee at the Café who served up mountains of fabulous food every day, and always seem to be able to find us, no matter where we wandered off to. Thanks from all of us now slightly over-weight people.

    Don't worry folks, I've warned Qantas and Virgin to expect extra weight in the next few days.

    Day 4 — Wednesday 16th March

    Third day of competition — Doubles, 6 consecutive games.

    Looks like all scores are on the improve with everyone settling in. Just about what we have come to expect at our nationals. Well done everyone.

    There's certainly a diverse palate within our group; everything from quick and very nasty (and sweet) fast food through to sushi, Indian and Italian. Can't say I've heard a request for a good 'ol Aussie meat pie yet, but it's only Wednesday.

    Group photos tomorrow morning outside the bowl at 9 a.m. We'll give you a yell when the photographer is ready. Thanks Richard!

    Day 3 — Tuesday 15th March

    Second day of competition — Teams, 4 consecutive games.

    Day 3. teams of four; some people find this event the most taxing of all but there were still some good scores.

    After lunch, the 2016 AGM was held. The meeting followed the published agenda and the following members were elected for 12 months to the committee position of Ordinary Member:

    At the close of the AGM a general forum was held. The members expressed the desire to have the next national event in 2017 in Perth. The committee will now investigate if this is possible.

    Day 2 — Monday 14th March

    First day of competition — Singles, 6 consecutive games.

    We are once again extremely fortunate to have Louise Eady as our Tournament Director. She does know how to make such a complex task of running this championship look so easy. Thanks from all of us !!

    Off to a great start! All on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed. A quick welcome to everyone, a few quick words from Louise Eady, then hostilities were under way.

    Lane conditions were challenging as you would expect but there were a few good scores popping up.

    Thanks to Jason Lambert at Aspley bowl for your great work, and spelling my name correctly. I can recommend the B L T from the Café.

    There will be a prize to anyone who can regularly tell Cassie and Jess apart, but Cass says her Mum cannot enter. Picture to follow soon!

    Reports of the BVIT president being "unsteady on his feet" leaving the bowl are slightly exaggerated; the Bulgarian judge only gave him 2.47552 for the dive.

    The retailers at Westfield jump for joy every time the WA bus arrives, but they would ask the bus driver to try not to hit anything please, Ross!

    Back to the Kedron Wavell club for tea tonight. It's a pity ice cream dancing isn't an Olympic sport!! BVIT would have at least one participant.

    Day 1 — Sunday 13th March

    Well, we made it to Brisbane but we are sad to be missing Ryan and Gail Underwood!

    Ryan sustained a serious leg injury playing sport last Thursday and will be out of action for a while.

    We are all thinking of you Ryan and miss you both. Get well soon!!

    Most arrived at the Chermside apartments yesterday but as usual, the W Aliens did it in style; we would expect nothing less from them!

    Due to a wonderfully creative stunt by our sainted national phone carrier, they were all left milling about on the street blocking traffic and generally having fun.

    Fortunately all's well that ends well and no one attracted the notice of the local constabulary!

    Not much happening today apart from the usual invasion of the shopping center and a quick practice at Aspley bowl later on.

    Quite a few went out for tea to the Kedron Wavell club for the "all you can eat" deal. Never mind seconds!! Some went back for thirds! There should be a competition for such exploits.

    Keep an eye out for irregular updates.