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The BVIT Rogues Gallery — 2018

This page show some images from the 2018 BVIT Championship held at AMF-Rockingham in March 2018.

Thanks to photographers Shailyn Bryant and Richard Swindail.

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Reece Whitby with Glen at the Opening Ceremony Group photo Places to Eat booklet
Reece WHITBY MLA with
Glen at the Opening Ceremony
Most of us
outside the bowl
"Places to Eat" booklet
produced by Kathy Larsen
Louise Eady, Presentation Dinner Official guests at the Presentation Dinner Gail & Marilyn
Louise Eady
reading out awards
Presentation Dinner Guests:
(L-R) Chrissy & Partner (Trophy Express)
Kathy Larsen, Alison Oldridge (AMF)
Gail Underwood
handing out medals
Rhian & Marilyn Ayesha & Jess Justin & Cassie
Rhian and Marilyn Ayesha and Jess Justin and Cassie
Cass, Kath and Jess Chrissy from Trophy Exprressy with Ryan Underwood Donna Hazel and Reg
Cass, Kathy Larsen and Jess Chrissy (TrophyExpress) and Ryan Donna, Hazel and Reg
Glen Rhian Mariln and Tim M Joel, Ryan, Justin and James Joel, Ayesha and Jessica
Glen, Rhian, Marilyn, Tim Mitchell Joel, Ryan, Justin, James Joel, Ayesha, Cassie
Alex and Reg Ayesha bowling Sean Costollo, Justin and Tim Mitchell
Alex and Reg    
Joel Swindail with Alison Oldridge from AMF Day 2 competition Glen with Shailyn
Joel and Alison Oldridge AMF On the Lanes Glen with pin spotter Shailyn
Eileen & Marilyn On the Lanes, Day 2 Jenny Ingles and Barbara Gibson
Leslie and Matt Bryant Day 2 competition Jenny and Barbara
The Danciing Queen Rhian Patching Marilyn Luck bowling
GnomE dancing, NOT bowling Rhian Patching Marilyn Luck
Reg Pollard Norman with pin spotter Tim Mitchell
Reg Pollard Norman with pin spotter Lynn Davies Tim Mitchell
Gail Underwood Eileen Scott at work Glen & Dennis Wilson
Gail: "I want it this BIG" Eileen, the Organiser TAFE staff meeting
The Wilson Family AMF-Rockingham 2018 AGM
Denis, Robyn and Tim Wilson AMF-Rockingham lanes 2018 AGM
Hazel Glen in front of Indian Pacific loco Kay and sister Carol
Hazel How Glen got home from Perth Kay and sister Carol

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