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BVIT mini Masters

17th - 19th October 2022
Caboolture Bowl and Mini Golf
Morayfield Brisbane


This event is open to BVIT members who aspire to compete nationally and who also might want to be considered for selection in any future international IBSA or TBA squads.

It's also an opportunity for those of us who'd just like to catch-up and have a bowl and a beer.

In line with TBA masters events, bowlers will compete based on their entering average rather than their Eye Acuity.

We are very pleased to announce that Louise Eady is able to be the Event Director. Louise is a very busy part of the TBA community, so we are very fortunate that she has the time to be at this event. Thanks Louise!

To compete at this event, you need to:


Monday 17th October
9:00 am Catch-up and check in
9:30 am 6 games
Tuesday 18th October
9:00 am Check-in
9:30 am 6 games
Wednesday 19th October
11:00 am Check in
11:30 am 6 games


It's a little early to be specific, but the bowl have given us a very generous lane rate (Thanks) so we'll let you know as soon as we crunch the numbers.


While there won't be a designated Presentation Event, we plan to have a meal at a local venue and hand-out some form of awards based on the most obvious categories and number of entries.

Accommodation and Travel

These details are up to the individual, but as usual, Eileen Scott has some great contacts!

Information on this page is current as at Monday 13th June, 2022.
It will be updated regularly so stay tuned!