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  • BVIT 2023 National Phantom Event




    By entering the 2023 National Event, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions outlined below.

    Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions will result in your immediate disqualification from the event. Entry fees will not be refunded.

    All Bowlers who wish to participate in the 2023 Nation Event must be current financial members of Blind and Vision Impaired Tenpin Bowling Australia.

    This Event shall be open to BVIT members who meet the BVIT Eye Classification criteria of B1, B2, B3, or B4 and who have forwarded their current eye classifications to the Event Secretary within the last two years.

    The event will run for one round, starting on Monday 6th February 2023. The length of the event will be defined by the number of entering bowlers.

    It is the responsibility of Bowlers to submit their scores as defined in the Introduction to the Event Secretary by tea time each Sunday.

    Scores can be submitted by email to Gail Underwood – gailunderwood57@gmail.com – or by SMS or phone.

    League bowlers will advise the Secretary of the details of their nominated League.

    Non-League Bowlers will nominate a centre where they intend to bowl.

    Scores will be from the first two games of the nominated League or Centre and will constitute each’s weeks entry.

    If a league Bowler participates in more than one League each week, the Bowler must nominate the League from where they will submit th0eir scores before the Event starts and submit scores from that league only.

    If a player is not able to bowl at their nominated time, an alternate time can be discussed with the Event Secretary.

    Each week’s scores will be collated by the Event secretary and processed on the national ComputerScore (ComScore) system.


    Weekly results will be posted on the BVIT web page as soon as practicable.

    These results will not be available from any other source. No details will be made available to bowlers other than those scores published on the BVIT web page.


    The management of the Event will be vested in the Committee of Blind and Vision Impaired Tenpin Bowling (Aust).


    Entry into the 2023 National Event is free.


    The Event Secretary and Management Committee will allocate pay-outs at their discretion at the end of the event.
    Due to Privacy considerations, details of these pay-outs are confidential and will not be published.


    Entering averages will be based on previous Phantom League results and will be calculated by ComScore. Bowler without an entering average will have one calculated by ComScore.


    The Handicap allowance will be 100% of 200 Scratch.


    If a Bowler fails to submit their bowling scores during the Event or by the nominated deadline, they will automatically forfeit their points for that week. No Exceptions! The opposing Bowler for that week will receive points only if they bowl their average less 10.


    A vacancy score will only be used if the Event has an uneven number of Bowlers participating; the vacancy score will be 100/100.


    The five (5) point scoring system shall be used. Two (2) points for each game won and one (1) point for overall. All points will be allotted for games including handicap, won and lost.


    Any protests affecting eligibility or general playing rules must be confirmed in WRITING to the Event Secretary no later than seventy-two (72) hours after the Event standings have been posted on the web page.


    Any discrepancy or complaint pertaining to the running of the Event is to be submitted in WRITING to the Event Secretary before bowling commences the following week, and will be resolved by the BVIT Committee.


    The Event will allow pre-bowling with NO restriction. Post bowling is not permitted.


    The Management Committee and Event Secretary will administer the event on behalf of Blind and Vision Impaired Tenpin Bowling (Inc) in accordance with Clause 13 of the BVIT Constitution.


    President (Glen Barwick)

    G Barwick

    Dated 31st January, 2023

    Event Secretary (Gail Underwood)

    G. Underwood

    Dated 31st January, 2023